We are curious in all we do.

This transformation, adaptation or reinvention of teams and organisations is achieved through our focus on human-centred, design and systems thinking approaches; 21st century organisation design; and agile, inclusive and self-managed ways of working. We want to truly get to know you. And from this, we can go from dreams to moonshots, to realised change.

1. Consulting, Advice & Modelling

  • Organisation Design & Development;
  • Business & Operating Models;
  • Strategy Creation & Delivery;
  • Strategic Workforce Planning;
  • Performance Optimisation – systems and processes for workload and workflow in remote, hybrid and onsite models.

2. Competence & Confidence
Building Labs

Our immersive, online, award winning business simulator environments bring real work to teams with things to learn, problems to solve and solutions to invent. The contextualised and immersive nature of our Labs lead to active participation, directed learning and creative innovation.

    3. Keynote Speeches, Roundtables & Panels

    Virtual and on-stage

    • Next Stage Organisations;
    • The Evolution of Work;
    • Transforming/Reinventing HR;
    • Self-managed teams;
    • The Agile Organisation;
    • The Energised Workplace;
    • Leadership in the networked, dispersed and information age;
    • Value creation and prosperity in the networked era.
    • Sustainability/ESG and purpose-led business

    4. State of Flourishing Survey & Report

    • Behavioural Science-based survey and assessment.
    • Going beyond engagement into a flourishing people experience.
    • How inclusive, trusted, motivated to perform and together are your teams in a psychologically safe and purpose-aligned way.


    5. PTHR On-Demand & Retained

    Retain us for more ad-hoc, emergent needs through smaller bursts of advice, coaching, design, ideation and help solving problems as they arise. On-Demand, situational and always ready to step in and support.

    6. Side Hustle Incubator

    We might all have an entrepreneurial idea inside of us! And we believe in designing our own futures, so for those ideas people want to try out, we’ll host/incubate that dream with those who share our principles and aspirations.

    7. The PTHR Careers Accelerator

    Helping those in administrative roles, returning to HR after a career-break or wishing to move into HR as a career option, this programme accelerates the move to Practitioner-level capability and impact.

    8. The PTHR Culture Tour

    An immersive virtual hour, where we will take you through our practices, systems and tools that enable us to work in a transparent, connected and energised way; in our geographically dispersed, self-managed, flexible & inclusive team. Glimpse what the Future of Work really is, now.

    We tailor our solutions, always.

    Are your needs more bespoke? If there’s something we haven’t mentioned above, get in touch and we’ll fill in the blanks.