Our commitment to insight in a collection of whitepapers and research by PTHR.

PTHR Impact Report 2022

In December 2021, we published our inaugural Impact Report. This report stated that to understand impact in a meaningful way is our aspiration. One year on this aspiration still stands. This is why we published a mid-year review, entitled Impact Coherence – which sought to detail how our visible passion for impact would see an intentional elevation to impact being also at the forefront of our minds.




How to become a more agile HR function in the changing world of work

Perry Timms explores how you can adopt agility-based approaches suitable for unorthodox and complex situations in an uncertain future of work. Download the report to discover how to adopt, reimagine and sustain agility for HR’s future success.




The State of HR 2021: Compiling research, thought leadership and emerging practices

A singular helpful resource exploring the most credible and thought provoking papers out there in the HR world in 2021. Download the report for a singular helpful resource that brings together multiple call of action for the new state of HR in 2021.




PTHR Impact Report 2021

Our inaugural annual Impact Report. Understanding impact in a meaningful way is our aspiration. As this is our first impact report, we were curious around how to do this in a way that outlines the difference we have made. We look at our impact as a business that seeks to push boundaries and to design, live, next stage humanistic ways of working. And secondly, consider through our work with clients and partners, how we support them to navigate positive business change.