Creating Inclusive Organisation Led Solutions


An immersive and creative problem-solving workshop using the Hackathon technique to innovate on some of HR’s more wicked problems.

With over 7-years experience of running Hackathon workshops globally, PTHR is the leading consultancy in designing and developing intimate and large-scale Hackathons to bring about breakthrough-thinking.

Key Outcomes

Innovate around the biggest challenges facing your organisation. Engage employees to activate solutions born from those closest to the challenges. Optimise the knowledge, resources, and energy already existing within an organisation unleashing new possibilities. Deliver strategic roadmaps for actionable solutions created and owned by employees.


In-House Programmes

  • 1 day immersive Hackathon workshop.
  • Priced £3000 per Hackathon for up to 60 participants or £5000 for up to 120 participants (2 facilitators).

*A portion of the fees received will go to carbon-offset charities and non-profits for any environmental impact of this programme in travel etc.

*SME, startup, Non-Profit and Employee-Owned organisations will receive a 10% discount.

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